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zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Back online

Hiya everyone ,
finally I have webconnection again !!! Please don't talk me about the moving.. it was a complete disaster and we are still sitting in a mess.

The one and only thing what I did during all those time was finishing my socks .. here they are ... I love them !!
The second pair of socks are on the needles , I think I have a new addiction !! :)
hugs, Patti

7 opmerkingen:

Sandra (the netherlands) zei

Welcome back !!!
Verhuizen is een ramp, maar je hebt er wel een mooie woning voor terug gehad.... kun je er weer 10 jaar tegenaan, zo niet langer....

alcoholinky zei

yay! good to see you back Patti, I missed you. I love that second pair of socks. Is there a pattern?? I'd really like to have a go.

Caroline zei

Welkom terug !!! Prachtige sokken heb je gebreid.

staci zei

Congrats on your cosy socks! Love the colors of your new pair too!!!

Irene Jongbloed zei

Wat een supersokken zijn dat geworden.
Groetjes Irene

Dawn zei

Great to see you back blogging Patti - well done on the sox!!
Hope you eventually get your house move completed!


Tootie zei

Patti my friend! I'm so happy you are back in blogland! I've missed talking to you and seeing your cards on Flickr. Welcome back!
Your socks are awesome and look very cozy.