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woensdag 17 december 2008

New socks

Hiya all ,

My mom is still the same .. i am going to the hospital allmost 2 times daily , so i still haven't the time and energie to go to my craftcave ...
Also i want to apologize that i don't have time to visit all of your blogs , and i really miss that !!!
The only thing i did was finishing my socks ... and that is another problem , they're so comfy that i never want factory made socks anymore , so i have to knit socks all the rest of my life .. lmao
This next pair that are on the needles are for my sis , she is 3 years younger then me , but i have to knit the socks 3 sizes bigger .. lol

Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti

6 opmerkingen:

alcoholinky zei

love these Patti - they look so cosy. must get my needles out and make some. hope your mum recovers soon.

staci zei

Love your socks :) And I think I've knit socks out of the same yarn as your new pair, lol!

I hope that your mum is doing better {{hugs}}

Tootie zei

Hi Patti!
I know visiting the hospital 2 times a day can be draining. Make sure you take a little time for yourself so you don't get too run down. I love your socks! They look so cozy.

Jan zei

So sorry your mum is still unwell.. I hope things improve soon.
Happy Christmas xx

Catharina Maria zei

Je sokken zien er heerlijk warm uit ! Heerlijk knus !

Dawn zei

Aww Patti
Sorry to hear your mum is still in hospital, thinking of you - Take Care