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zaterdag 3 januari 2009

Socks for sis

Hiya girls ,

The socks i was making for sis were finished , but i forgot to make a pic , so i had to wait till she send me one ... here they are . So that are not my feet but the feet from my sis :-)

I really loved knitting them and i loved the way they look, so i ran (read .. asked DB to drive me to the knittingshop) and bought some more to make a pair for myself ...

They are allready on the needles .. sorry for the blurry pic , but making pics is not one of my hobbies :-)

My parents are still in the hospital , they stopped the medication by mom , she is getting only oxygen and morphine now , so it is just a matter af time .... but she looks very peaceful now and is without any pain ..
We are still going 2 times daily to the Hospital , so no time for any crafting exept some knitting before bedtime ...

Thanks for dropping by !!
hugs, Patti

4 opmerkingen:

staci zei

Great socks...looks like they fit your sister perfectly :) And you certainl deserve a pair for yourself!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom {{HUGS}}

Dawn zei

Aww Patti - the socks look so warm and comfy!
I am so sorry to hear about your mum - thinking of you....


Melissa zei

Hi Patti my friend-
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Your socks are beautiful and look wonderfully warm!
Melissa (Tootie)

Jan zei

Oh Patti - I am so sorry that your dad is now ill - such a worrying time for you. You are all in my thoughts.
Keep knitting the socks - they will probably keep you sane as well as warm!!