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dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Bad luck socks !

Hiya girls ,

OMG , if you only knew how i would like to throw this sock out of the window !! :-)

The first time I started , the neeldles were to big , so I had to rip it all ... a whole evening knitting for nothing, nada ..

The second time , on the right needles , i used a lil cable patren and after about a half sock , I noticed that even by daylight you couldn't see a damn cable ... the color seems to be too dark ... so i had to rip it all again... aarrcchhhhhh ... another waisted evening ...

And now i am knitting them in a 3k-1p rib ... i really don't like the yarn anymore ... even on smaller needles it is still very irregular , but let's see who wins ....... me or the socks !! :-)

Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti

5 opmerkingen:

staci zei

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your socks...that's happened to me before too. The color is really pretty though. Here's to smooth sailing from now on!!!

alcoholinky zei

ROFL - I can sympathise Patti. I bet you'll win. I've just finished 1 sock. I'll post as soon as they're both done.

Wendy zei

Niet opgeven hoor Patti, ik vind ze op de foto al mooi uitzien!

~ melody zahara ~ zei

GO PATTI GO! you'll win ~ don't let those socks distract you! you've got talent girl!

Dawn zei

LOL Patti - Bad Luck Sox - I had a laugh to myself!!!