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dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Mindless knitting

Hiya girls

Yesterday I borrowed the DVD box of Sherlock Holmes , so you can understand that I need some mindless knitting that I can do while watching all those movies :-)
I started 2 pairs but I wanna try some different heels , so they are not completely mindless, LOL !!

Both yarns are from Regia , the one in top is from the Kaffe fasset design line , and the other one is a Galaxy something....

Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti

5 opmerkingen:

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

Oh I wish I can do it too:-(
I'm envious of your self knitting socks. They are so beautiful. Knitting is so homelike!!
Wish you a nice evening,
Groetjes Anja

alcoholinky zei

I was looking at the Regia wool recently Patti - lovely colours and so soft. You'll have some more gorgeous sox soon. How many pairs is it now... one million, three hundred thousand two hundred and....... LOL

Sonja zei

Regia is a nice yarn, the colors also.
Im a Fan from Sherlock Homes ;-)

best wishes

melody zei

lovin both both colors ~ yummy! man..i wish i had that knitting talent..you go girl!

staci zei

Wonderful new socks Patti! The colors are so hard to resist, lol!!!