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dinsdag 7 april 2009

Need your advice !!!

Hiya girls ,

Recently I picked up this UFO ... it is gonna be a folk sweater from all kind of cotton leftovers ... My intention was to make some simple folk roses in swiss darning on the black stripes , in bright colors ... but now I am not so sure anymore if this is gonna look good ...

So shall I add roses on the black stripes or not ?? Please , help me or it will be an UFO forever :-)

Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti

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alcoholinky zei

hmm - it's quite a large dark area Patti - I'd certainly be tempted. it's fab - I hope you get it finished soon. gorgeous colours.

Ellis zei

Hoi Patti,

nou....is je UFO al een IFO? ;-)
Haalt denk ik wel die brede zwarte streep op, als je er rozen op zou mazen.


melody zei

that is going to be totally gorgeous when completed (as it is already)..lovin those colors ~ and yes, i'd be tempted to add the roses. can't wait to see it finished..you go girl

Ellis zei

hihihihi een UFO is een unidentified flying object, dus een IFO is een.......Identified flying object ;-).

Ik kwam op jouw blog terecht via Caroline's blog.
Leuk, als je me toevoegd aan je blogroll, ga ik jou teoevoegen aan de mijne.

Femmy zei

hier heb ik echt geen verstand van.
maar ik wens je heel fijne paasdagen!!!
gr femmy

Dawn zei

Hiya Patti!
Go for it - you can never have enough flowers is what I say!
Flowers brighten the world!


Ineke zei

Yes I would att the roses, but leave the thorns :). It is gonna be a great sweater anyway. Hugs Ineke

Chooks zei

I'd love to see some roses on this....beautiful as it is too xx Gaye xx