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vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Cards ...

Hiya girls ,

Some cards with new stamps again :-) All stamps are from Stampingback , except the quote ... Backgrounds are done with liquid watercolor, also from Stampinback !!

Some people asked me what I am gonna do with all those cards ..... and the answer is ... I don't know !!! I send them , but my family and most of my friends , they don't apreciate handmade cards ... I send cards to close internet friends ....

But most of the cards are in boxes , if I stop making cards now, I will have more than enough to send the rest of my life ! Sometimes I wanna stop , if I see all those boxes ....... but I just like making them !!

Thanks for looking !!

hugs, Patti

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My name is CINDY...... zei

Beautiful cards Patti - isn't it funny how some peeps don't 'get' handmade cards? My mum loves them but my two younger sisters would rather have a shop bought one!!

Sandra (the netherlands) zei

Je hebt lef hoor, met die achtergrondstempel. Ik dacht dat ik er duizelig van zou worden.... Maar hele gave kaarten... duizeligheid valt toch wel mee....

Dawn zei

Hi PAtti

wow those are great stamps that background one is fantastic..

I know what you mean about the cards - I always wonder what people do with all the cards they make for challenges etc, mine are piled up everywhere, it'd be great to get them sold but it's practically impossible...
It's such a shame to see them just lying in a heap..

Hope you are well


Marie-Antoinette zei

Patricia, Het gaat om de weg, niet de aankomst. Dus gewoon lekker doorgaan.

Sonja zei

Mona Lisa........great :-D

best wishes

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

I love that background and love what you've done with! Beautiful cards.
I know what you mean with the many cards. I've a little stamp-forum and there we swap about our cards or send them to birthday to our users, make kettings or ATC Swaps.
But I've still a lot of cards and also until the rest of my life.*gg*

Groetjes Anja

Anneke zei

je hebt weer prachtige kaartjes gemaakt patty met schitterende achtergronden

Melissa zei

Hey Patti!
Nice cards! The background makes me a little bit dizzy when I stare at it! LOL! Stop by, I'm having an altered key giveaway on my blog!

melody zei

girl ~ those are rawkin kewl! love that background and such yummy images ~ beautifully done as always