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vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Bleeding Tissue and Blogproblems

Hiya all .

The last days I've been knitting a lot , but with 179 stitches on the needles you don't see much progress...sigh.... wonder when that sweater will be ready ...

Today I have been making some Bleeding Tissue backgrounds for my stash .. soon they will be cards or ATC's ...

Sorry, if I didn't visit you blogs lately , but I have some problems with Blogger .... As you can see I divided my blogroll in 3 sections .. stamping, stitching and knitting , and all the time part of it is gone !!! Can somebody please help me with it . what am I doing wrong ?????

hugs, Patti

3 opmerkingen:

alcoholinky zei

hi Patti - I can only suggest you look really carefully at the html between the section that's okay and the section that isn't to see if you spot any differences. it can be a tiny thing that's out of place but it can make a big difference. good luck!

Jan zei

Sorry I dont know how to help you with your blog Patti. Just to say, how wonderful your Hardanger work is. So clever. You are multi-talented in a BIG way!!
And isn't it lovely to have a friend visit and to be able to craft together, even if you DO spend most of the time talking!! xx

Wezz zei

Leuke blog, Patti! Leuk dat je mij bij de links hebt gezet! Jij staat er ondertussen bij mij ook op! Enne, er is waarschijnlijk helemaal niks mis met je blog roll, er was (hopelijk tijdelijk) een probleem bij blogger zelf. Ik heb het ook mogen ondervinden. Het lijkt nu toch opgelost! :-))