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woensdag 27 augustus 2008

A new Challenge / Turkisch folk socks

First of all I want to thank you all for the supportive comments on my moving !! I really can use them , OMG, I didn't know i have such a mountains of stash , i don't know where to begin with packing !! :-) But on the other side , i can't wait to get my very own craftroom ......woohoo !!!

Yes, i want to learn to knit socks . the sockvirus got me too !:-) I know how to knit, but I never knitted a real sock before , but I take the challenge !!!

A long time ago I knitted those Turkish socks , they are easy and fun to make ! I also used them for folkdancing , but it is such a long time ago that even I forgot how to knit them... LOL..

While (folk)dancing you wear those socks with handmade leather shoes , very comfortable .

For the moment I can't find my old folkdance shoes , so I stole a pic from a magazine in which my Turkish socks were published ..... The pic is from the magazine , but it still are my feet :-))

(the magazine in which they published my turkish knitting is Handwerken zonder grenzen , issue # 5/1989 )

Thanks for looking,
hugs, Patti

4 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

OH - YOU'RE KNITTING SOCKS TOO!! - They are great fun.
I love the Turkish ones!
(good luck with the moving) xx

staci zei

OMGosh! Those Turkish socks are amazing!!!

alcoholinky zei

COOL sox Patti. I wouldn't mind knitting some of them myself. Never seen sox that bright before.

Barb zei

Love the Turkish socks! What wonderful colors!