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zondag 19 september 2010

Knitting update !

Hiya girlz ,
Yes, almost winter , my feet are cold again ( and the rest of my body too , lol ) so time to take the knitting needles out of the dust :-))
The blue socks for DB , a real boring color , I started a long time ago .... Thanks goodness he loves handknitted socks so much now , that he doesn't care about the color anymore .. with the next socks I (!!!) can pick the color *grins*
The other socks are a pair of monkeys for myself , i think , the wool is Araucania , coming all the way from Chile ..... very weird if you know that in Chile most people are too poor to buy this kinda yarns .. if they can afford to buy yarn, they buy the most cheapest acryl ..
The sweater I started ( a hell of a job ) is from Drops delight , a wonderful colored yarn, but not relaxing to knit ... the tread is twined very loose, so half of the time , i stick with the neeldle in the yarn ..
Dunno if the weater this year will be finished :-))
Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti

5 opmerkingen:

Caroline zei

Je gaat weer breien ! Prachtige kleuren, lekker warm hoor, ik hou ook niet van koud. Gelijk even de hele maand bekeken bij je, schitterend je stempelwerk !!!

Marleen zei

ja de winter komt eraan, willen of niet en zelfgebreid is altijd warmer! ik kijk al uit naar je verdere vorderingen.
Ook je stempelwerkjes vind ik heel tof!
groetjes marleen

melody zei

you're the 'queen of socks'
love your choice of colors..so yummy!
stay warm chickie

Dawn zei

Awww Patti I'm so not looking forward to winter, the season has certainly changes and it's so much colder here now.
I was really enjoying the summer but it has gone so quickly almost overnight.
It's definitely sock weather again!!


Anoniem zei

Top je breiwerk Patty
Ik doe t niet na Maar heb even alles weer bewonderd Was weer lang geleden
groetjes Wilma