Randje Per Week

SAL Jeanny

zondag 18 juli 2010


Hiya girlz ,

Pffff, I didn't realize that it was such a long time ago that i posted something... the weather here was horrible ..... I love hot weather , but there was so much humid and smog in the air that it was allmost impossible to move on ...
So , the only thing what i did was sorting out my stash ... a hell of a job :-))

I found those 5 samplers which i really ant to finish ... the problem is with which one to start..lol..

* the one on top is a Friesche ( Dutch ) sampler , I am using A ver a Soi on 36 count church linnen ...

* the one on the left is the Vier Landen Sampler , I think I just started , lol , I did only a little piece in a corner from a huge piece of linen ... 36 count with good old DMC

* the little blue one is from a Belgium Designer , I used 40 count cheesecloth with Anchor ..

* next to that there is a Butternot Road Design made with caron's Watercolors on 28 count Flamish Farmers linen ..

* And the last one is a Spanish Sampler , for which I used 32 count Belfast wit caron's Waterlillies ....

I do hope that in my next blog I can tell you what sampler will be finished in the future :-))

Thanks for looking
hugs, Patti xx