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SAL Jeanny

woensdag 16 juni 2010

Early birthday pressies

Hiya girlz ,

I had a gift voucher from the biggest Dutch online bookstore , en what better birthday present could i give myself than those books ......

If someone is looking for me , i am all curled up on the couch , with a hot cup of tea , chocolate cookies and those wonderful books !!!

hugs, Patti

zondag 6 juni 2010

Inchie ATC's

Hiya girlz ,

So, as I was thinking about inche ATC''s , here they are :-) , They are made from the left overs from the cards and some scrappapers and vintagepics ...

An old friend who was here last week told me that i had to make pics from all my early cross stich work and knitted sweaters , and show them here ( it is worth it , he said )

But as you all know I don't like making pics , so i have to think about it !!!!!!! :-))

Thanks for looking !!
hugs, Patti