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dinsdag 9 maart 2010

Socks in progress

Hiya girls ,

Here's the pic I promised from the 2 pairs of socks i am knitting now ... the blue is for my DB and the other one for me ... I think it will take a long time before they are finished , coz I started another , a huge , yarn project .. more about that in a next blog !

I want to thank you for your sweet comments , I really do apreciate them and i am sorry that I still don't have the energy to leave comments on all of your blogs .... but I do read them and admire all your creations !!!!

Thanks for looking,
hugs, Patti

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My name is Cindy zei

Looks like you've got hooked on those yarn projects Patti! Just saying hi, I'm up early and have a quiet morning so thought I would try and catch with blogland. Been very reiss lately but it takes up so much time and energy doesn't it.
Hope you are well. Cindy x