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SAL Jeanny

zondag 20 juli 2008

colors , colors and more colors ...

Usually I have quite a few backgrounds in stock, in case I have some inspiration to make ATC's or cards .. I noticed that I was running out of backgrounds , so I decided to look for my alcoholinks and I started playing with them ...

Actually, to my (humble) opinion , there is nothing more wonderful then alcoholink.. the colors are so rich and warm , and it is impossible to make 2 times the same background , every attempt will be different ! Every single background is a surprise how it will turn out ...

So , those babies are ready ... sooner or later it will be ATC's or cards ..

Thanks for looking,
hugs, Pat

3 opmerkingen:

Anneke zei

je blog ziet er mooi uit

Beth zei

These are beautiful! I've never heard of this technique before, but it looks neat! You are so creative!


Barbara Hagerty zei

These are gorgeous! You used the alcohol ink right onto the paper? How fabulous!! Very, very beautiful!!