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zaterdag 26 juli 2008

My Furbabies

Ooopss, I allmost forgot to introduce my furbabies .. Please don't pay attention on the mess on the background from the pic ...LOL.. The bigger one ( the one wth his eyes closed ) is called Bueno , he is 5 years old and he is epileptic ( but according to the vet, with good medication they can get a normal dog-age) and the little one is called Pancho ( 3 years old )... Usually they have the better places in the bed and DB and I , we can sleep on what's left, lmao ....

hugs, Patti

5 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Adorable little furbabies. They must have a special place in your heart.
p.s. - what mess lol?!!!

Mel in Dubai zei

Sweet little guys, Patti :) Thank you also for your lovely comment on my latest sampler finish :)

staci zei

Hello Patty, welcome to blogland! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. You are a well of creativity, I'll be visiting again!

Dawn zei

Aww they are cute - I love animals too

Tootie zei

Ah, Patti they are cute little dudes! I like their pointy ears....kind of bat-like!